The NTA and Translations , by Pastor Marlon Mielke: Expresses the position of the NTAIBC on translations as stated in adopted resolutions. (Available as a 21K PDF document.)

Biblical Fellowship , by Dr. Richard Paige: Defines terms and discusses the nature and history of “Biblical” fellowship. (Available as a 90K PDF document.)

The Church Christ Built, by Dr. Richard Paige: A thorough study of the church in the New Testament. (This book is finally back in print! With the assistance of member church East Mesa Baptist Church in Arizona, we have a limited number of copies, available for eight dollars (US$8), plus shipping and handling. To obtain copies, please write us at our office or through the contact form on this site.)

How the NTAIBC Came to Be: A short history of the origin, development, and administration of the NTAIBC.

What’s In A Name? , by Dr. Richard Paige: An explanation of the significance of the name of the NTAIBC by considering the importance of each word in our title.

The Spirit of Fellowship , by Dr. Richard Paige: Discusses what the spirit of the NTA ought not be, and what it ought to be.

A Voice for the Voiceless, by Dr. Earle E. Matteson: Provides justification for the existence of the NTAIBC, and gives reasons that churches should join the NTAIBC. (Also available as a 32K PDF document.)