The New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Church (NTAIBC) is an organization for churches of like faith. Check out why your church should join or our directory of churches that have already joined. If you would like to join then fill out an application. If you have any questions reach us via the Contact page.

The current NTAIBC National Representative is Pastor Garry Thompson. He can be contacted by calling (715) 808-3866, or emailing:

The current NTAIBC Treasurer is David Van Loh. His mailing address is: NTA PO Box 247 Westbrook,  MN 56183

The NTAIBC offers to churches the following:

  • A National Fellowship
  • A National Voice on Issues
  • An Annual Meeting
  • A National Representative to visit the churches and speak
  • Participation in New Church Planting
  • Recognition to Endorse Chaplains for the Armed Forces
  • IRS Blanket Exemption Coverage
  • A Quarterly Paper entitled “The TESTIMONIES”
  • Encouragement and Counsel for Churches and Pastors
  • Referral Services as needed for Pastors and Churches

The NTAIBC is totally supported by the voluntary giving of our affiliated churches.