Q. Is the NTA a new denomination?

A. No. Those who formed the NTA came out of denominationally-oriented groups. They formed a fellowship of churches apart from centralization. The NTA has one worker – the National Representative. Every year the messengers elect the Board.

Q. Does the NTA sponsor colleges, mission agencies, seminaries?

A. The NTA believes that a church should choose its para-church organizations.

Q. Does the NTA exercise any authority over the local church?

A. No. The autonomy of the local church is one of the foundations of the NTA. Even the resolutions, which are approved by the messengers at the annual meeting, are not binding on the local church. They are the expressions of the messengers.

Q. What is the unique purpose of the NTA?

A. (1) It provides for a local church a national identification. (2) It links together churches of like faith and like position against ecumenical and governmental trends and encourages churches to reproduce. (3) It is endorsed to provide chaplains for the armed forces. (4) It provides a fellowship for pastors and churches. (5) It provides contact with other churches when members move from one location to another. (6) It provides a federal tax exemption for churches.

Q. Is there any connection between the NTA and local state of area fellowships?

A. No. Many of our churches belong to such groups. The NTA is only a national fellowship.

Q. Does the adding of the political activities clause limit individual citizens from exercising their governmental rights?

A. The political activities clause is a protection for the church in its non-profit status. All it stresses is that in sessions the church does not vote to support any legislation or vote to support any candidate for public office. This clause does not prevent members of a church from individually acting in both areas. It does not prevent the church from hearing about issues and candidates. Its literature cannot be used to suggest any church involvement in any issue or person.

Q. How does the NTA acquaint pastors and churches about its position?

A. The National Representative is available for consultation. The TESTIMONIES, the national paper, is sent to churches. Other literature is available.

Q. How is the NTA financed?

A. Each year the Board presents a budget to the messengers. Churches give to the ministry of the NTA as they would give to any missionary. The funds provide for the TESTIMONIES being sent to 32 states.

Q. Why is it necessary to vote into the NTA?

A. Such a vote shows the intention of the church for a definite relationship. If a church shows no interest or support for two years, it is placed on an inactive list. All member churches are listed in the yearly directory.

Q. Suppose a church on the inactive list desires to restore into relationship. What must it do?

A. It needs only to communicate that desire and give indication that it has not changed its position or doctrine. This desire can be completed by the leadership of the church.

Q. How is the church represented at the annual meeting?

A. The size of the church does not determine its messengers. Each church appoints the pastor and five messengers.

Q. What Bible version do you use?

A. The King James version of the Bible is that which is used at all of our meetings and we accept it as the Scripture which is our only rule for faith and practice.

Q. What is the NTA position on sexual practices?

A. Each local church sets its own standards, but we commonly hold to these practices. We believe in monogamy and sex only within the bond of marriage (between a man and a woman). We do not accept homosexuality, abortion, and other conduct that is contrary to the teaching of Scripture.

What does the NTA believe regarding dietary practices?

A. We believe it is improper for believers to use alcoholic beverage in any form, tobacco in any form, or illicit drugs of any kind. A balanced diet (consisting of meat, vegetables, and fruits) should be maintained conducive to good health.

Q. What is the NTA position regarding medical treatment, autopsy, and burial?

A. There are no restrictions regarding an autopsy. Cremation is not encouraged, but left up to the family and the local church position. No restrictions for seriously ill, injured or wounded. Life-sustaining treatment depends on the laws, and individual conscience.

Q. What is the NTA position on the armed services?

A. Independent Baptist believers believe in responding to the call of their government to serve in the armed forces in defense of the country. Yet this decision in a time of voluntary service (no draft) is a personal matter for each individual believer.

Q. What sort of church organizational form does the NTA condone?

A. We believe Biblical leadership consists of Pastors (men ordained to lead the church) and deacons (men designated to assist the pastors). Both pastors and laymen serve within the framework of the Association, as chosen by the messengers of the local churches when gathered in annual sessions. Each local church is self-governing and chooses its own leadership under Biblical standards. Believers are to be salt and light in the earth, revealing the love of Christ to all in the world. All are expected to be living examples of Christ, to be a baptized member of a local church, and be in submission to the local church in spiritual matters as well as to contribute to the local church faithfully.

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