Application for NTAIBC membership may be made through “hard copy” documentation (using a PDF application document) or by using the form below.

(Baptist churches outside the US or US territories: Please contact the NTAIBC before making application for membership.)

    WE, the membership of the Baptist Church, located at

    concur with the Statement of Faith and the Constitution of the New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches, have voted in a business meeting of our church on , to affiliate with other Baptist churches of the NTAIBC, and hereby request consideration for receival into affiliation with the NTAIBC, at the next Annual Meeting.
    In support of this application for affiliation, we commit to the cause of Christ through the NTAIBC and enclose the following:

    A. A copy of the Constitution and Statement of Faith of our church.

    B. A copy of the motion passed in our church meeting authorizing this application to affiliate with the NTAIBC.

    C. A declaration that our church is not affiliated with any other national association, convention, or organization of churches of like nature.

    (Note: There is a 500K total filesize limit on this online application. If your files are too large, please use the mail-in form instead. Thank you.)
    We believe that our church has a responsibility to share the financial as well as prayer support of the Association ministry.

    if coverage under NTA Group Exemption Number is desired under the Internal Revenue Service. Do not check if your church already has its own exemption number, or is covered under your State Association.



    Please click the "Submit" button only once (unless prompted to return to the form to include omitted information). Once the form is correctly completed and submitted, the server may take some time to accept upload of your files. This is normal. Thank you for your patience.

    Typed names are sufficient "signatures" for the above form. The files ("A", "B", and "C" above) may be submitted in various formats, such as text files, word-processed documents, or PDF files.
    If you would prefer to submit your application in "hard copy" form via the mails, please download the application file, complete the form, append the three required addenda ("A", "B", and "C" above), and submit your application to the address included in the application file.