New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches

We, the messengers of the affiliated New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches, gathered in the Annual Meeting of June 7-9, 2016, do hereby resolve and declare the following resolutions:


Whereas, we have been blessed by the gracious hospitality that Calvary Baptist Church of Sheldon, Iowa and their pastor, Marcus Moffitt, his wife Jeanne, and the many volunteers from their congregation extended to us in hosting these meetings, and
Whereas, we were challenged by the faithful ministry in the Word of Evangelist Dwight Smith, Missionary Pastor Jon Pust, Pastor Marcus Moffitt and Pastor James Leslie and for the assistance with the children during services by Amber Smith, and
Whereas, we have been blessed by and encouraged with the faithful ministry of our National Representative, Pastor Garry Thompson and his wife, Shirley,
Be it resolved, that we express our deep appreciation to all those who made the 2016 Annual Meeting of the NTAIBC a great spiritual blessing. May God bless all these for their service.


Whereas, there seems to be a great need in our Armed Forces for men to fill the Office of the Chaplaincy, and
Whereas, the NTAIBC has seen the importance of being an endorsing agency for fundamental, Baptist chaplains in the military, and has established “Religious Requirements and Practices” for those endorsed chaplains to follow, and
Whereas, the chaplains endorsed by the NTAIBC for military ministry hold strong biblical convictions against the practice of homosexuality and desire to minister effectively to those who hold the same faith traditions, and
Whereas, there has been an attack on military chaplains regarding the use of the name of our blessed Savior, Jesus Christ
Be it Resolved, that we continue to promote godly men to fill the Office of the Chaplaincy and support their right to minister according to their faith, moral convictions and biblical foundations.


Whereas, we have a world population of over seven billion souls, many of whom are lost without a clear presentation of the gospel, and
Whereas, our nation has experienced a number of years of decreased financial stability resulting in economic turmoil for many and lower missionary contributions in our churches, and
Whereas, the Bible clearly challenges us to be actively involved in evangelizing the lost
Be it Resolved, that the affiliated churches of the NTAIBC continue to follow their God-given mandate to support and make every effort to increase that support for evangelizing the people of the world through our prayers, finances and faithful labors.


A. Marriage:
Whereas, marriage was instituted by God as an exclusive, lifetime union of one man (husband) and one woman (wife); in a mutually consented “one-flesh” relationship, consisting of mutually supportive companionship and physical union; and
Whereas, all sexual behavior outside of marriage is sinful;
Be it Resolved, that we actively oppose the legalization of “same-sex” or any other redefinition of marriage and
Be it Further Resolved, that pastors should boldly promote, preach, teach, and model the truth of God’s Word on human sexuality, marriage, purity, and love.

B. Gender Identity:
Whereas, we live in a day in which our government leadership is promoting moral principles that are contrary to the Word of God and the biblical positions of the NTAIBC,
Whereas, governmental decrees are putting our women and children in danger by removing gender related barriers, opening the flood gates for predators and making our families unsafe,
Whereas, we cannot surrender biblical principles just because people in power, or even a majority, are seeking to lead our nation in a way contrary to God’s Word,
Be it Resolved, that we encourage our pastors and churches to be vigilant and not
to be influenced by the popular thinking of the day, but rather continue to
uphold positions that teach biblical gender identity (male or female).

C. Sanctity of Life:
Whereas, we believe that man was created in the image of God, thus granting
sanctity to all human life, and
Whereas, we believe that life begins at conception, and
Whereas, the values of those who show disregard for the life of the unborn, the
disabled and the elderly are unbiblical,
Be it Resolved, that we stand opposed to all practices which violate the sanctity of
life such as abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and
human cloning.


A. Creationism:
Whereas, there is a permeation of the evolutionary theory in nearly every aspect of society, and
Whereas, churches and families are being inundated with evolutionary concepts presented or assumed as fact;
Be it Resolved, that we affirm the earth is young, created by God ex nihilo in six days of twenty-four hours each as recorded in the book of Genesis.

B. Scripture:
Whereas, there is mounting confusion concerning interpretation of Scripture; and Whereas, accurate interpretation of Scripture is necessary for biblical preaching;
Be it Resolved, that we affirm a literal, grammatical and historical approach to the study and proclamation of the inerrant Word of God which is sufficient as our rule of faith and practice.


A. Citizenship Voting:
Whereas, local, state and national elections have significant effects on the churches of
the NTAIBC, and
Whereas, believers are obligated to bring their biblically-based moral convictions into
the voting booth to vote for candidates, insofar as possible, who hold those convictions,
Be it Resolved, that we address important societal issues from a biblical perspective and
encourage church members to vote their biblical values and pray for those elected.

B. Religious Freedom:
Whereas, religious freedom has been a privilege of living in the United States; and
Whereas, religious liberty is under attack for churches, parachurch organizations and
in the lives of individual believers and their businesses,
Be it Resolved, that we uphold and support religious liberty for the local church,
parachurch organizations and in the lives of individual believers and their businesses.